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The beliefs of Indian religion are numerous. Subsequently, each belief conjured it s own form of festival. A positive custom to tackle the negativities that had once clouded the nation. One of the most prevalent festival defining the victory of good over evil is Dussehra.
It originates with the story about a tyrant ruler from Sri Lanka-Raavan, who abducted the wife-Sita of an exiled king of Ayodhya-Ram. And to prove the fact that good always defeats evil, the exiled king Ram, alongwith his brother was able to gather an army of monkeys, caste a bridge of floating stones on Indian Ocean to reach Sri Lanka, and then kill Raavan to rescue his wife.
The story is a motivation to every person facing the evils in life everyday. During dussehra they are able to forget those nightmarish moments and hope that there would be happiness in the next lap of their life. Jaipur has had a history very akin to it, as this city was attacked by various invaders, Mughal or British, it survived as it fought through with its brave Rajputana soilders of its soil. Henceforth, proving that good prevails over evil. So the colors of Dussehra in jaipur is as vivid as shallow water. The nine nights of celebration dawns with a "Jagrata" on the night of "Murti Sthapna".
Every house is light up all night chanting songs of calling for Goddess Durga. Then the nights of dance arrive as "Dandia Nights" are organized by different communities, colleges, and foundations in all the convenient and safeguarded locations so that women can enjoy uninterrupted fun too. The dishes prepared during these nine eventful nights is worth every penny paid to come visit this place during this festival. The wardrobe brings out the true color and glitz of Indian culture. The centre of attraction is Sawai Man Singh Stadium's dandia nights where people from various countries arrive to take the flavor of Dussehra in Jaipur. The closure of these eccentric and zealous nights happens with the bursting out of a huge model of Raavan in front of the masses to prove that no matter how big evil is, it ultimately falls and is turned to ashes & smokes.
The name "Dussehra" was given to this festival as Raavan was belived to have ten heads-' dus+hara'. Dussehra in Jaipur is assuredly the most vibrant than any other Indian cities because of the fact of it comprising the most heart-warming people who believe in the power of good and god itself. The mouth-warming cuisine is next reason but obviously most loved one and last but never the least, the brightness of Jaipur city and it s history all summed up together to resurrect the positive feelings.
Dussehra in Jaipur is expanding its colors and its worldwide presence as foreign tourists from more and more countries are getting intrigued to Jaipur to celebrate this festival. Dwell in the dynamicity of the Pink City's colors. Feel the regional beats. Think pink, Soak and sink in Dussehra in Jaipur.


This famous festival is also known as "Vijay Dashmi". This festival is one of the most important Hindu festivals in India which is celebrated by every single Indian and is celebrated all over India. This main significance of this festival is that on this day Lord Rama killed the Demon King Dashanan (Rawan). So this day is celebrated as the victory of truth and goodness over bad people in the world. Another important reason to celebrate this day is to please Mother Goddess Durga as the new harvest season starts and farmers perform Durga Pooja just to please Goddess Durga to make the soil fertile and to give good crops for the year to the farmers.


>> In this walk you will be taken to visit the huge Dusshera Medan to celebrate and to enjoy the burning of the devil king Ravaan.

>> First of all you will be taken to see the famous show which is known as "Ram-Leela" in which various artisans show the entire story of Lord Rama and Sita.

>> The show includes various small and big acts, Bhajans (songs) and diffrent cultural programmes.

>> Later you will be taken to visit the famous Dusshera Medan where you will see big size statues of Ravaan stuffed with fireworks.

>> Later the performer who plays the role of Ram in the Ram-Leela sets the statues of Ravaan on fire.

>> This shows of victory of truth and goodness over the bad people in the world.

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