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Kite Festival

Jaipur is one of the most famous places for fairs and festivals. Jaipur City is always curved in the different-different festivals, so that this place attracts anyone who always wants to experiences the glory of festivals. Festivals of any religion are celebrated with same Enthusiasm and Flair. Every festival has its own significance & these are integral part of the lives of people of Jaipur. One can not only experience the sparkle of people during these fests, but can explore of culture of Rajasthan. A well-known festival of Rajasthan is the Kite Festival. This is one of the festivals which have some unique rituals. The colorful kites floating above in whole of Rajasthan brighten up the skies. This festival is mainly celebrated in Jaipur and Jodhpur. The kites-with-lights flown, add extraordinary beauty to this festival. If one likes kite flying, this festival for them.
Kite festival is celebrated on the day of Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan on 14th of January to mark the movement of the sun from Sagittarius (dhanu rashi) to Capricorn (makara rashi), the day is considered fortunate. It is believed that Uttarayan or northward drive of the sun starts on this festival of kite called Makar Sankranti.

Rituals and Celebrations

In Jaipur City, people take a divine bathe in Galtaji on this day, a significant pilgrimage in Jaipur. People worship sun to get blessed with good health, wealth and good crop. On this event, the Jaipur city which is well known as pink city turns in colorful with the attractive colored kites in the sky. Kite Festival or Makar Sankranti is announced as government holiday in Jaipur which increases the pleasure of this fest. All shops, banks and markets remains closed & everybody gets engaged in flying kite on this auspicious day. Different-different kite flying competitions are also structured by various Kite Clubs in the month of January. Even State government organizes "International Kite Festival" in Jaipur for extend of three days in which kite lovers from all over the world come and take part.


The people of Jaipur celebrate this festival of kite with various sweet delights made with sesame seeds i.e. Til Ke Laddu, Gajak (one of famous Jaipur's Sesame Brittle), and Feeni (famous Jaipur sweet made of fibres).


This is also known as "Makar Sankranti" and is one of the most interesting festivals celebrated in Jaipur as well as whole Rajasthan. This festival is celebrated on 14th of January. On this day people visit the famous holy shrine "Galtaji" and pray to Sun to bless them with good health, wealth and good crops. On this day people of Jaipur climbs up to the terrace and fly kites along with loud music and enjoy flying kites for the whole day. On this day there occurs a holiday in all Rajasthan and all the markets and shops are shut till the next day. Also various kinds of competitions are also organized such as Kite Competition, dance competition, etc... State government also conducts "International Kite Festival" where kite lovers form round the globe come and enjoyState government even organises "International Kite Festival" in Jaipur for a stretch of three days wherein kite lovers from all over the world come and enjoy kite flying.


>> In this walk you will be taken to visit the local markets in the old Pink City and take a short walk around the markets.

>> Have a look over the different varieties of kites.

>> Enjoy the market walk then you will be taken to visit the "International Kite Festival" organized by the state government to enjoy various competitions and enjoy flying kites.

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