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Teej Festival History

Jaipur is one of the place which always well known for colorful city covered with lots of festival and fairs. Every festival has its own rituals, culture and significance but gets celebrated with similar beauty and passion. Each of these festivals holds important position in the lives of every person. No-one can feel the sparkles of people throughout these festivals, but can even spectator the wealthy traditions of Jaipur. And "Teej" is the one of those festivals, which lies in the month of Shravan (July-August). Literary "Teej" means "third", so "Teej" lies on the third day after the moonless night (Amavasya). On this festival, all married women worshiped to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to bless them with happy and long married life. This Festival is especially celebrated in and around the Jaipur (Rajasthan), this is also known as the festival of swings, which welcomes monsoon. The swings are decorates with flowers and hang from trees, married women wore in green clothes (saree) make cheery and sing songs.

This festival that represents growth & celebrates for two days, it is observed by women for wellness of their husband. Significance According to Indian Mythology, it was the day when Goddess Parvati & Lord Shiva brings back together after a long separation. If someone worships Goddess Parvati on this day, he or she get his/her desires fulfilled by Goddess Parvati's blessings. Rituals and Celebrations On this merriment, parents of married women send Sinjara (a gift pack that includes bindi, vermilion, mehndi (henna), bangles, ghevar (a kind of Rajasthani sweet) and lahariya Saree (a multi-colored printed saree) as a symbol of their covertures) to their daughters. Married Women beautify themselves with those gifts sent by her parents. Fairs are organized in this festival; procession is starts from Tripolia gate of this Pink City (Jaipur), & ends at Chaugan Stadium. The statue of Goddess Teej (Goddess Parvati) is adorned by the royal families of Jaipur, for the fair. Procession of beautified elephants, horses and camels are also made. A variety of folk dances are presented to the tunes of folk songs during this Procession.


Teej is one of the major festivals celebrated in Jaipur as well as all around Rajasthan. This festival is celebrated in the monsoon months in July-August. This festival is celebrated for a time period of one to two days in which married women go to the temples and pray to Lord Shiva and Parvati to bless them with long lasting and happy married happy life. On this day women have fast for whole day and pray for long life for their husbands. The main significance of this festival is that on this day Goddess Parvati reunited with Lord Shiva after a long time of separation. So on this day, women pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to bless their married life with long lasting relationship.


>> In this walk you will be taken to visit to a family and will make you understand all the process and tradition related to this Holy festival.

>> On this day parents of all the married women send some kind of gift to their daughters which includes bindi, vermilion, mehandi or henna, bangles, ghevar (a special Rajasthani sweet) and lahariya (a multi-coloured sari) as a gift and blessing for their long lasting relationship.

>> We will make sure that you enjoy all the procedure of this festival. Later you will also be taken to explore the fairs celebrated in the old city with a short walk staring from Tripolia Gate to Chaugan Stadium.

>> This walk passes through various markets places including folk dances, elephant, horses and camel walks.

>> Enjoy this famous festival which is celebrated in every single house in Jaipur and all around Rajasthan.

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