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Pushkar Fair

The vivid collection of gaudy pictures of Pushkar facet the vivacity for which this affable state of Rajasthan is glorified. The splendour of the expansive annual festivals of Pushkar Fair has kissed the zenith. Depicting an awe-inspiring concoction of superb artefacts and architecture of the long-gone era, the Pushkar Fair emancipates a swirl among the tourists with its overwhelming festivities which can leave you star-struck. Pushkar Camel fair is the highlight of this festival. Besides, there are numerous other heart stealing events like the cultural and musical events, exhilarating camel safaris and a stay at the traditional camps to give you the feel of being one of the locals.

Pushkar FairEach year Pushkar Fair is feted with an incredulous zeal by the Rajasthanis. The snapshots of the glinting sand dunes and the aura of the heritage dwells in your heart. This fair preludes in the Kartik Shukal Ekadasi, in the month of October – November. This five day gala holds till the Kartik Purnima with the lone intent of cattle trading, primarily camels but it also includes horses, cows, goats and sheep. Post trading, these cattles are festooned and adorned with striking clothes and alluring jewelleries for public displays.

Camels are the crown of this carnival and henceforth camel competition is the prima ballerina of this ballet. There are different competitions held in this fair. In one of them, the camels are ornamented in the best way possible and the one looking the most vibrant and stunning gets the award. In the other competition, hefty amount of people are made to sit on back of the camels. The camel then lopes athwart the sand and throws the riders off its back. The camel which successfully carries the maximum number of people on its back, wins the competition. Tourists attending this festival get the opportunity of lifetime of taking home the traditional Rajasthani souvenirs such as textiles, ornaments, pottery arts, garments, footwear etecetra. Other attraction of the Pushkar fair is the body tattooing held out in small stalls. They are extremely loved by the tourists. Well, you are attending a fair then how can one miss out on the delight of dishes of Rajasthan. The mouth watering and spicy foods clinch your heart. Being a religious fest, the food is only vegetarian. The dishes are all cooked in pure ghee and in garrulous flavours. Dry fruits, traditional spices and homemade yogurt are used in most of the delicacies. Whether it is delicious dal baati or sugery churma and missi roti, travelers visiting Pushkar Fair always end up licking their fingers.

The locals are driven here in search of the blessings of the almighty. The shrine Pushkar Lake features 52 bathing Ghats which stay jam packed whilst the fair. The devotees believe that each of these ghats have their own unique feature and power to heal anyone of all the sins and diseases. Being a spiritual destination, Pushkar abode numerous small and big temples which are adorned with gratifying creativities and painted with lucid colors particularly for the Pushkar Fair. This Pushkar fair gives you the opportunity sink into the blessings of the divine and achieve the eternal nirvana.


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