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  • Village Safari

    On a tour of Rajasthan we explore different deserts, forts, palaces, wildlife sanctuaries, sandy dunes, temples even lakes and hill stations. But what' s the moral value that we gain until we doesn't actually connect to the gravity of the culture, inhale the essence of their heritage and emotionally connect to the people who till date recline Rajasthani tradition.

    A tour to the villages in Jaipur afoot, is the finest possible way to dwell in the heart of Rajasthan and its people. The villages abode locals of numerous castes but the crown of Rajasthan is the Bishnoi clan. This clan preludes from the consent of Kings of Jodhpur. Men with their unique turbans and long beards and haughty moustaches signify their pride and position. Women in their traditional sarees, dense bangles, huge nathur is (nose ring), heavy metal necklaces have been the portrait of Rajasthan. The respect they overlay to animals and trees is immense. Subsequently, they are gifted bunch who have inherited their legacy of block printing in textiles, pottery, and delicious cooking of 'Daal-Bati Choorma'.
    The color of Jaipur shimmers with the presence of these villages. Think pink, affix yourself to rooted royalty link. Choose Jaipur Village Safari.



    Rajasthan has a rich culture heritage life in villages. Rajasthan is the house for a huge variety of village life depending caste, religion, tradition, culture and festivals. The basic type of village holds a village pond, grazing grounds, temples and shrines, schools, sitting spaces under large shade trees, wells, and wastelands. The pond is the most common site which every single village holds. These ponds are usually used by the cattle and children for bathe and play. Every village in Rajasthan has a God or Goddess which they considered as their village protector. They worship their village Deity for the prosperity and wealth for the villagers and growth of their village. Rajasthani Village walk is the best way to feel to fragrance of a typical village life, their culture and tradition.

    >> In this walk, you will be taken to a village nearby and will come across all the things happen in the Villages.

    >> One will come to know the real authentic village life, culture, traditions and beliefs.

    >> You will be enjoying various day to day village activities. Activities like cooking, farming, grazing of cattle, growing crops in the fields, etc...

    >> At the end of the day you will feel the rich heritage and culture.



    >> Duration: 5-6 Hours RATE – 35 USD PER PERSON
    >> Meeting Point: Ram Niwas Garden at 9:00 AM every day.
    >> Ending Point: Ram Niwas Garden
    >> Total Distance Covered: 2-5 Km Max.
    >> Group Size: Min-2 and Max-10.
    >> Tour Price Includes: Tour Guide, Lunch and Pickup and Drop.


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